Best Air Fryer Under $100

Top 10 Best Air Fryer Under $100 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

I strongly feel the best part of eating a chicken dish is it should take a bit crispy from outside but perfectly delicious and tender inside. Do you agree? Yes, of course, and you will certainly feel the same if you use an air fryer to get this level of crispiness. Instead of air fryer, if you use any deep fryer, pan, or even oven for sure, you will not get this sort of taste. Because this recipe needs very little hot air that only air fryers can give.

So, do you have an air fryer, the smart cooking gadget at your home? If you don’t have it, not at all a problem. And you don’t need to wait anymore as I have come up with the Top 10 best air fryer under $100 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide to make a game-changer in your kitchen. You can freely use it to make a fried-but-not-fried version about just of anything, including deserts, vegetables, chicken, fish, and all sorts of dishes—air fryer used as an air fryer for some good health reasons. So, let us find out that through this article and some branded company’s air fryers information if we are interested in buying.

My target is to bring a style to peoples cooking, and that’s why I have mentioned only Top 10 features products. I firmly believe you will also love as much I do and apply in your own life to make your cook quicker and healthier. Because I have analyzed hundreds of customer reviews about the best air fryer under $100 and find out the best and more suitable one for you, so, let’s start with the review and see which air fryer is waiting for you.

#1 Ninja Air Fryer that Cooks, Crisps and Dehydrates, with 4 Quart Capacity, and a High Gloss Finish:

If you are ready to cook up in a storm, peruse the Ninja Air Fryer. Cooking in this fryer is nothing but a little inspiration, and you will find pretty much everything from general chicken cook instructions to cook an entire chicken. In this air fryer, the possibilities of making meals are endless. So, start with this must-have-tool and Bon appetite.

Because this air fryer comes with modern design and its extremely lightweight only 13. 14 lbs, and the size is 8.5×12.1x 11 inches. Additionally, this air fryer basket is nonstick and PTFE-free ceramic coating, which makes it easy clean, and you can store on in the countertop or the cupboard.

Apart from this, it follows AF Dehydrate features, which adds an excellent versatility to this air fryer. It uses 105-degree temperature to heats the air so that you can make crispy fruit slices. You can also make jerky food without mixing salt or sugar in the food.

After seeing once, I am sure you will love this fryer because of its appearance and ceramic coating basket and grill plates. It also comes with a single touch LED- backlit control panel and four function programmable cooking options. These are fry, reheat, roast, and dehydrate. As it has a control panel, you can control the temperature both manually by switching it. Plus, its ceramic coat devoid of the chemicals related to the Teflon coating.

As Ninja has vent hot air cooking surface, it will prevent discoloration and circulate the heated air through the food. Combining a crisp palate and a double basket ensures that the food is kept separately and removes extra oil from the food.


#2 GoWISE USA 1700-Watt 5.8-QT 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer with Recipe Book

To get the modern twist on a traditional Jamaican dish, try out this GoWISE USA air fryer. If you want, you can also serve with rice and favorite veggies with cooked chicken and enjoy your lunch, dinner, or anytime because it allows you to prepare any snacks and meals in only one single appliance. You can cook in less than just thirty minutes because it uses a huge Rapid Air Circulation technology. It means it will circulate all heat sound the ingredient so that you can enjoy your food quickly.

It’s also popular because of design, size, and extremely simple to use. It has a simple operating control panel and easy to use buttons and temperature range up to 170-400 degree F. instead of some preset functions, it has 8 preset functions to eliminate extra guesswork from cooking.

It has a detachable basket and pans for easy accessibility, and you can easily move your food from fryer to plate with making the place so messy. Plus, the detachable function also helps you shale the ingredients very well, and you only have to press the death button and then lift the fryer. To prevent awkward accidents, the detachable basket also has a button guard in the front to work for an instant stop.

Like many other expensive fryers, its made of nonstick PFOA free materials, maintain a temperature up to 170 degrees F, and allows free, easy cleaning. So, you can do more cleaning in less time and indulge your craving the consequent guilt.


#3 COSORI CP158-AF (100 Recipes), Quart, 1700 Watt Electric Hot Oven &Oilless Air Fryer, 5.8 QT-Black:

If you are craving a take-out fan but want to skip an oil-fried version of food from your favorite dish, you can add COSORI CP158-AF air fryer in your chicken recipe. Although this is optional, you may never need to take-out that menu again once you get the habit of using this fryer because it has super excellent 11 original preset programmable function options that can do more rather than just fry. With fry, you can make roasted veggies, reheat any item, bake eggs, and cook any other protein meal expert way.

If you have the COSORI CP158-AF model, it does not matter what type of food you will cook. You can use its one-touch LED panel and cook certain foods that are right for calculation. It also has a preheating option, which is not available in a cheap air fryer. It is an excellent feature and takes only 2-3 minutes to heat any food texture. It is, of course, improves the cooking time and better options than traditional ovens.

COSORI also has another unique feature, and this is to shake and keep the warm food feature. It’s a shake reminder that you have to shake the food to achieve even fry the food and its warm feature keeps the food warm when it is cooked.

Finally, it also has a detachable non-sticky basket for easy cooking and its dishwasher safe. So, you can remove the basket and clean it at any time and reset it again after cleaning.


#4 Secura Air Fryer 4.2Qt / 4.0L 1500-Watt Electric Hot XL Air Fryers Oven Oil Free Nonstick Cooker w/Additional Accessories, Recipes:

Give your weekend dinner a “wow” factor with Secura Air Fryer and make a rosemary marinade with chicken. Perhaps you are scared about time, but if you have this air fryer, it will take only one hour to cook the chicken. So, you can also enjoy any juicy chicken on any busy day. Because it is faster and more efficient than any other air fryer and rapidly circulates heated air for faster and evenly cooking. You don’t even need to use oil for cooking!

This cooking tool is user friendly and has a temperature control settings 180-400 degree. It makes you to cook a variety of recipes. Likewise, it has a heat indicator light, power distributor, and auto shut-off alert, which will off automatically when the meal is done. But usually, it will make you alert every 1 hour.

Additionally, you can also use this air fryer daily for fry, roast, bake, and grill. It is nothing but all-in-one convenience, and all of these can do within 3-5 minutes. Plus, as a bonus accessory, you will get skewers and a grilling rack and add more versatility using this delicious air fryer.

At last, it also has a smooth nonstick interior layer and power and heat indicator. So, it prevents unnecessary sticking to the basket and allows you to easily handle and clean. Thanks to its special auto shut-off option, which will stop automatically when the cook over.


#5 OMORC Habor Air Fryer, 6 Quart Pot & 5.8QT Basket, 1800W Fast Large Hot Air Fryers &Oilless Cooker w/Presets, LED Touchscreen:

Introducing the new OMORC Habor Air Fryer is a much better option for any Tso’s chicken. It’s very good and healthier considering another traditional air fryer because you can make different recipes without using the oil and make your food more crunchy and crispy. Whether its chicken’s steak, rib, shrimp, fish fries, or bake cake, this air fryer will give you a genuine texture without compromising health benefits. Its size is huge 6 Qt and comes with a 2-year manufacture warranty. Plus, you will get a maximum of 15 preset cooking options to make your food tastier.

It follows the dehydration formula and controls the time and temperature by following a manual. You will appreciate its rapid hot air out circulation formula, which takes 85% less cooking time but promises you to give the same texture.

Plus, you will also get touch control and 1 knob formula that controls the air fryer more easily—this multifunctional knob used to adjust both time and temperature and starting point. You don’t have multiple buttons here that can confuse you of how and where to start.

You can also choose the preset and auto timer shut-off because it beeps once the cook is complete. Its best for 5-8 people big size family. You can also have a big basket to hold a whole kitchen and a detailed recipe book with elaborate instructions. Lastly, it has a cool-touch handle and a button guard to prevent accidents and enhance safety.



#6 Avalon Bay Air Fryer, For Healthy Fried Food, 3.7 Quart Capacity, Includes Airfryer Baking Set and Recipe Book, AB-Airfryer100B

Who doesn’t want a new dish at home if it can take less than 1 hour but express an Italian flare with crispy and crunchy? All of us want this, isn’t it? Then get the Avalon Bay Air Fryer and enjoy chicken with every fresh ingredient like basil, tomato, cabbage. You may wonder why I have listed this air fryer out of thousands of products. It is mainly available at an affordable price and such a useful fryer you have ever seen for cooking. Some of these include a versatile rack, nonstick dish, and a cookbook.

Besides this, it has Rapid air circulation, which I already mentioned it’s a deep frying method and keeps your food crispy, delicious without using the oil. So, you can avoid oil easily and also enjoy food as well.

Now come to its capacity. Its 3.5 liters and ideal for 6-8 people’s families. With chicken, you can also cook pizza, potatoes, bread because it has 1400 watt heating capacity, and the heat can increase up to 105 degrees Celsius. It means you’re cooking may take just a few minutes to process, and within a sprinkle of eyes, it will complete.

I particularly like its Non-BPA handle instead of cheap plastic handle, detachable basket, and dial controllers set. These controllers are manually operated instead of the digital screen, but it is pretty easy to use and set the controllers.


#7 Oster Copper-Infused DuraCeramic 3.3-Quart Air Fryer:

Oster Copper-Infused air fryer is absolutely for you if you love classic tender chicken, and bound to become a powerful staple in your home. You can feel the good about this air fryer after using it once because this will give you a deep frying taste by caring for your health.

When you buy this air fryer first, you will receive a big, durable nonstick surface bowl used as heat conduction when you cook. Along with these features are lots and lots of extraordinary spectacular features present in the Oster Copper air fryer. Like it has a durable ceramic infused coated layer with copper inside the dish. This coating is used for keeping the bowl surface flaking and peeling while cooking.

Its capacity is 2 liters, and this is enough for a small family to cook beef, pork, turkey, and another veggie item. This air fryer also has a shut-off audible alarm to reminds you when the cook is complete, although you can set it in 30 minutes before check whether the food is processing or not. Overall to make your cooking work simple, this is needed.


#8 Simple Chef Air Fryer - Air Fryer For Healthy Oil Free Cooking - 3.5 Liter Capacity w/Dishwasher Safe Parts

Do you want to have a win-win situation while eating chicken wings or crispy chicken breast without absorbing greasy oil? It could be ever possible if you have Simple Chef Air Fryer with you. It is especially for those who always keep a bag of frozen chicken in their freezer so that they can easily cook and become ready to serve within 20 minutes.

As it has a 3.5 liters capacity and 100% BPA free materials, its perfect for weekend beginning and evening snacks. Its design itself emanates the quality, and its well equipped with a cooking basket, 1400 watts of power rating, and a beautiful single-layered rack. Consequently, it also has a cooking temperature controller 180-400 degree F. You can leave this electric chef for a specific amount of time because it will turn off automatically when you have done it.

Furthermore, it also has a green, blue “connected” and “heating” button, which is easier to use and monitor the device. The most air fryer does not have a good manual, but this is having a 15-pages full recipe book, and its dishwasher safe and has amazing overheating protection.

Finally, it comes with a 2-years long warranty and consists of large capacity cooking facilities, and it’s the best air fryer under $100.


#9 Air Fryer, Blusmart Electric Air Fryer, 3.4Qt/3.2L 1400W, LED Display, Hot Air Fryer, Healthy Oil Free for Cooking/Baking.

Depending on your preference, whether you want to whip out your conventional trusty slow cooker or you want to use air fryer chicken taquitos under a tight budget, Blusmart Electric Air Fryer will always be with you for making shredded chicken or delicious chicken thighs recipe. It’s one of the cheapest best air fryers under $100 that you can buy and make your food more delicious.

Just like other latest model air fryer Blusmart is also awesome for baking, grilling, frying, and roasting. It also has a minimal design with a central switch power button that you can use for ON/OFF. You will also see two increase/decrease buttons for adjusting the temperature. Therefore it’s a compact interface and concludes with a digital display right of the power button.

It may take a maximum of half an hour to make any meal. The temperature limit is 400-degree F. obviously. This generous range covers all the combinations that a professional chef recommended. Another thing is it has a 3.4-quart snacks basket, which is best for 3-4 people. The basket is dishwasher safe and has a nonstick layer.

Finally, like another air fryer, it provides a 60-day money-back guarantee so that if you don’t feel right, you can get the money back at any time. Also, you will get a 1-year complete warranty for parts replacements. So, do you need any other else rather than Blusmart electric fryer?


#10 BLACK+DECKER Purify 2-Liter Air Fryer, Black/Stainless Steel, HF110SBD

I believe making a roasted chicken in the air fryer is a game-changer. Because you can end up with crunchy skin, and it only takes an hour before you’ve got the whole chicken is ready for display. If you are chicken lovers, our last product  BLACK+DECKER Purify air fryer is for you. It will make your food ridiculously tasty, and such this type of air fryer is BLACK+DECKER. 


Although it’s not a strange name in the household appliance world but the air fryer made by this company is absolutely a smart, stylish tool kitchen appliance with a digital screen option. On the other side, you will like its spectacular functions like a powerful heating coil. The temperature varies from 80-200 degrees Celsius and its double convection fans. Because the heating coil generates temperature, and the double speed fan circulates this temperature.


It also has dual indicator lights, which indicated the preheat and machine ON/OFF options. It has a bit small capacity with only 2 liters, but that’s not a big issue if you have a small family of 3-4 persons. You can brilliantly make food with unlimited capacity and store it in the dining room as it’s not heavy and bulky.

Now come to its handle, which is well designed with a resistance heat handle and a basket separator with dis was a safe facility. So, you don’t need to be afraid of getting burned as this is not made of dirt particles, and you can rely on this air fryer.


Buyer's Guide to Buy a Best Budget Air Fryer

An air fryer is almost similar to a convection oven, except it uses a fan and a coiled heating element and circulates hot air in a small area and cook food. It doesn’t fry any food, but it is designed to cook much food that usually needs to fry. Using very little oil, an air fryer can cook this food compared to the deep fryer, and that’s why they often marked as a healthier way to cook food.

Using, set up and cooking is typically easy to do. We don’t need to pay much more attention to it while cooking except to rotate the content twice or thrice, and it will shut-off automatically when the cook will complete.

Buying the best air fryer mostly depends on what type of food you want to cook. After fixing this, you can consider the following factors when comparing or deal with lots of air fryer brands.


Although your budget is fixed, if you see something better you are looking for, don’t leave that. In the same way, if you get the better air fryer under your budget, it won’t wise to spend more comparing brand, size, and materials.

Size and capacity:

The larger the size, the more and more food you can cook at a time. But big-sized air fryer generally takes larger space, and sometimes it won’t be enough for larger families. So, as it takes less time to cook, you can think of cook two times or more according to your need. So, I prefer medium size air fryer.

The same goes for capacity. But try to get the air fryer that can cook the food evenly. Because if the fryer is under or overfilled, your food makes end up burnt badly, undercooked or soggy.

Baskets and accessories:

Drawers or basket are the internal containers of an air fryer that hold foods inside. Some air fryer has either drawer or a basket, and some have both. While buying, try to choose that comes with enough accessories to don’t need to buy extra.

Cleanability and efficiency:

It must and check whether it’s easy to clean every part or not. Check how many detachable parts are there and its dishwasher safe or not. As you have to regularly clean to avoid regular oil build-up, take care of the cleanability.

Compare to the oven, an air fryer produces more efficiency, but you can’t cook more food on this as you can do in the oven. So, just check the efficiency with other brand’s air fryer and get a suitable one.


Most air fryers are made of a combination of plastic and metal. Some use copper as a heating coil. Others are almost the same. So, you can check the warranty period to ensure metal durability. Some come with 1-year, and some are available even 2-years decent warranty.

  • Potatoes
  • Frozen vegetables
  • Frozen chips
  • Mini pizzas
  • Frozen fish sticks and nuggets
  • Roasted nuts
  • Banana bread
  • Burgers
  • Tofu
  • Brownies
  • Chicken
  • Ribs
  • Wet batter-coated foods
  • Pasta
  • Beans
  • Steamed vegetables
Final thoughts:

As air fryer can cut back your oil consumption without sacrificing the taste of food, this is the best solution to change your unhealthy eating habits to a healthier habit. You can even reduce cholesterol and weight and get rid of many diseases. So, just follow my mentioned Top 10 best air fryer under $100 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide for purchasing. Every product is based on notorious technology and easy to use features. So, you can order from here if you are ready to purchase and give an optimal model to your dining room.

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