Best Mop for Dog Pee

Top 7 Best Mop for Dog Pee – Best of 2020

Dogs are such a stress-buster in life and uncompromisingly an absolute delight to have in the house like other pets. Even they can be such a rewarding thing in our life as we can play with them, cuddle them, and forgot the loneliness. But once the honeymoon period gets over and as soon you started dealing with their urinating territory at any known or unknown places, then you may perhaps realize the toughest work to deal with them.

It might take 6-7 hours or even every night to clean the mattress, bed shits, etc. do you know dogs are almost like humans, but they don’t like to use the toilet. Therefore if you hardly try them to give potty training, they will less maintain that and do whatever they want to do.

So, it’s better to take realize that and consider necessary action to clean them all. Thus, you can use the mop to deal with this overwhelming situation. It will get you through all of these urine problems and help you to keep sanity. So, get the best mob for dogs pee cleaning and love them unconditionally. But how do you get the excellent one? So, let’s find out!

Types of mobs:

Usually, there are 2 types of mops available. One is ordinary, and their other one is stream mop. In this article, we will show you both types of mobs to get your suitable one at affordable prices. Usually, mobs remove all the grimes and dirt from the floor and kill the germs and bacteria by using their powerful stream. All ordinary mobs are lightweight and portable. But the stream mobs are also portable, lightweight, and work best for any type of floor.

To keep your floor fresh, free of stain, dust, and debris, just decide to take the plunge and buy one of my recommended handy cleaning tools. I can guarantee you will benefit. So, here are some modern technology-based the best 7 mobs for dogs pee 2020 for you.

Top Rated Best Mop for Dog Pee

#1 Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner, Lightweight, FH50700, Blue

When you see your pet carpet cleaner has a powered beater brush with super antimicrobial protection, you will understand that how this best mop for pet urine works to make your house germs free and remove the dirt easily. It is nothing, but I am talking about Hoover Powerdash pet fh50700 that don’t leave your floor with steaks. It also does a fabulous job of removing any fur and accidental peeing at your home. As it comes with a lightweight and low profile design, you can continue and urine patches left by the dogs even in the far remotest corners of your house.

Furthermore, it follows heat drying features and takes very little time to make the carpet dry. It has incredible suction power and also easy to use. It also takes minimal space to store, and you will not feel so many challenges to handle it from room to room. So, if you want to get a full customer satisfaction best mop to clean dog pee, of course, have a look at this model Powerdash pet fh50700 from Hoover.


  • Compact design.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Fast drying time by following heat drying technology.
  • Powerful beater brush.
  • Sleek low profile design.
  • Easy to use and store.


  • Low capacity tanks.
  • Narrow cleaning path.

#2 BISSELL Turboclean Powerbrush Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner Machine and Carpet Shampooer

BISSELL Turboclean Powerbrush is damn good at cleaning and getting rid of both wet and dry urine stains. It is considered one of the best mops for cleaning dog urine for home and can compare with any professional expensive stream mop because it picks up all the dirt and removes other odors and urine stains so fast without even noticing. You will feel like why you didn’t get this magical tool earlier in your life.

The other reason is it will not waste your time cleaning and drying the floor as soon as you clean it. It’s a full-size upright cleaner and works faster with its heavy-duty suction power. Also, it is ultra-lightweight and just released on the market in early 2017. So, it’s full of latest features including dual cleaning water tank, removable nozzles, 4 rows of powerful brushes, 12 lbs weight, and more and more.

BISSELL Turboclean will make your cleaning work easy and allows you to do the cleaning in a proper hygienic way because it has 2 separate water refilling tanks for filling and emptying. It also has EdgeSweep bristles on both sides of the cleaner so that you can clean any baseboards and edges of your furniture and carpets easily. So, without looking no further, get the Turboclean Powerbrush from BISSELL and leave all the cleaning work upon on it.


  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Excellent 4-rows brushes.
  • Cleaning formula included.
  • Collapse handle.
  • Only 12 pounds in weight and portable.
  • Separate, easy-empty tanks.


  • No attachments for stairs and upholstery cleaning.

#3 BISSELL, 20037 Pet Stain Eraser Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner, 2019 Version

As the name suggested, this is an amazing pet stain eraser carpet cleaner and does justice to its name. It employs all the smart technologies and known as one of the best steam mops for dog urine. It will automatically dispense a cleaning solution if there is dirt on the floor. It makes your cleaning works a lot easier and eliminates all pet urine from any type of floor. By using its power brush, it smoothly removes all the pet’s hair and mess and gently scrubs any types of floors.

As this carpet cleaner has a caveat bright cleaning path, it can clean any faint stain or upholstery that looks newer than before. This stain eraser is an exceptionally handy stream mob and a very effective spot cleaner. In this machine, you can use any type of solution and, along with its strong suction power, make this an extraordinary flavor. It’s also ideal for emergency spills and old stain and extremely portable from any place. But note that it needs some beating for spill cleaning and freshen up the upholstery. If you are looking for something, instant carpet cleaning mop have a look at BISSELL, 20037 Pet Stain Eraser without any further ado.


  • Instant stain removal.
  • Long 20-minutes run time.
  • Superb cleaning chemicals.
  • Solid suction power.
  • Cordless and portable.
  • 4-hours maximum charging time.


  • No charging docks.
  • May leave some cleaning patches.

#4 Wet Mop 24″ Microfiber Mop Heavy Duty Floor Mop Aluminum Mop Adjustable Stainless Steel Handle 4 Wet and Dry Clothes Floor Cleaning System

Now I will discuss an ordinary mob. But before that, you should know how traditional mob becomes a long way cleaning tool of sweeping the floor—these mobs made of special microfiber cloth that makes the cleaning duties easier without breaking the bank. As microfiber made of 50% nylon and 50% polyester squished together makes it into microfiber, which is 10-20 times smaller than the traditional mob. That’s why I have come up with YOUSHANGJIA’s microfiber mop that can absorb any dirt and trap moisture.

This mob is a heavy-duty eco-friendly tool and does time-saving cleaning work in a wonderful way that other mobs cannot do. It also kills germs and performs deep-cleaning efficiently. So, if you have various surfaces at your home like concrete, tile, hardwood floor, you can use this mob without any hesitation.

With many valuable features, YOUSHANGJIA has 1 set  24″ microfiber head and 360-degree rotation capacity to reach the nooks and crannies of the room. Moreover, the set up of the pad is also easy. But how to use it? For cleaning, you have to drop the pad on the floor and keep it in front of the Velcro. Then snap the fastener without slouch down the floor. Additionally, you will also get scraper, a tiny hook on the handle as an extra attachment tool.

If you are concerned about the best mop for cleaning up dog pee at a reasonable price, you can think of YOUSHANGJIA mob and get the maximum satisfaction.


  • Lightweight but heavy-duty.
  • Durable and reasonably priced mob.
  • Extra 4 microfiber pads included with the set.
  • Hook-and-loop tight fastener for easy and quick assembly.
  • For hanging on the wall, extra hooks attached to the mob.


  • A good option for a smaller house only.

#5 Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood and Tile Floors, with Microfiber Mop Pads

If you are constructing your new home or do daily cleaning, you can certainly rely on Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop. I am confident you will love its unique pet urine removal capability and powerful cleaning method. It has got so much popularity as one of the best floor mops for dog urine. It also performs an excellent job for other heavy usages like dogs and cats’ fur removal. You can also say this is also the best mop for cleaning up dog hair.

On top of that, it’s a multitasking machine and performs a fantastic job, including edge to edge strong suction, hands-free easy emptying dirt cup, tangle-free brush roll, etc. till now, no customer has complained about its performance because it’s a steam cleaner. Also, a pet vacuum package together does a superb cleaning job. Especial thanks to its easy touch digital control that helps to switch between different functions seamlessly and its both corded and cordless options that make the cleaner more versatile. Therefore you can choose any model, and each model has its efficiency in dealing with any sort of mess.

Finally, BISSELL Symphony is a powerful cleaner, and if you want to remove dander, dirt, or pets hair in seconds, then by today order this Pet Steam Mop and love not only the pets but also your mob.


  • Both corded and cordless are available.
  • 25-feet long cord.
  • Best for any type of floor.
  • Disposable and reusable pads included.
  • Hands-free operation.
  • Only 30 seconds heater warm-up.


  • Bulky in size.
  • May not pick up large crumbs.

#6 Hoover Jet Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner Kit BH55210 ONEPWR Floormate, Blue/Gray

If you are looking for first rated the best mop to clean dog pee and eliminate awkward feces, vomit, urine stains, and any other messes, then look nowhere. Get Hoover Jet Cordless BH55210 model for your little pooch and eliminate pets odor, sticky residue, stains from carpets, furniture, and floors. And Hoover Jet brand earned its reputation for providing extremely quick and long term cleaning solution and odor removal. Whether you are cleaning for daily basics or occasionally, it will save your boring cleaning time by doing efficient cleaning within the shortest possible time. Therefore you can use this for any type of floor.

Because it’s a flexclean machine with a 2-in-1 option, that is it’s a vacuum and also a carpet cleaner and a matching combination of floor mop and vac cleaning kit. It’s full of unique features. As an example, it’s a lightweight cordless vacuum. It has a steerable control balancing system; it operated by a Li-ion battery and provided long-lasting fade-free performance.

Besides this, it has a spraying nozzle and 2 separate water tanks. You can add detergent in one tank and clean and use another clean water tank for mopping. It is like vacuuming and cleaning the floor at the same time. So, if you have a very busy life, Hoover Jet will make your life easier. So, hurry up for order and enjoy cleaning.


  • Cordless and battery operated.
  • Cleans pets both dry and wet stains and odors.
  • Celan toughest stain by spraying nozzle.
  • Separate water tank system.
  • Sleek design and LED light dashboard.
  • They powered by ONEPWR Li-Ion battery.
  • 2-years long warranty.


  • Difficult to clean dry items.

#7 BISSELL, 2554A CrossWave Cordless Max All in One Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop for Hard Floors and Area Rugs, Black/Pearl White with Electric Blue Accents

if you have pets, particularly dogs at your home, and if you are carpet user, then there is no doubt you need a wet-dry mob type vacuum cleaner that will do both the work without even noticing you. Yes, that type of blissful multifunctional and the best steam mop for pet urine mob cleaner is BISSELL, 2554A CrossWave. Its an all-in-one multi-surface cleaner and clean all types of floor that you have ever imagined. Likewise, its rotating dual-action brush roll rotates at 3500 RPM and better works than any other powerful sponge mob.

If you have BISSELL, 2554A CrossWave, you just think that your cleaning job got easier. Most people prefer this By comparing with the traditional mob and transition to cross wave model. Being having a single device, you can do dual-action and controls different strategies placed in the handle. You don’t even think about the button. Just push, and it will start working automatically.

Like another expensive mob, BISSELL CrossWave also belongs to valuable features, including swivel head that can make a very low angle to reach the obsolete dust under the furniture. Its also moves 360-degree and can clean any both dry and wet object without any discomfort or awkwardness.


  • Easy to use and store.
  • Multifunctional device.
  • Latest cross wave technology included.
  • Full rotating brush for smallest cleaning.
  • It’s cordless and suitable for any floor


  • No water filtration system.
  • No built-in heating system.

Buying Guide: Best Mop for Dog Urine

Best Mop for Dog Urine

1.How to choose the best mop for dog pee

You will need something extra power stream mop that can do deep washing and dry off quickly as you will be dealing with dogs or other pets’ urine-stain. So, you look at the following requirements while choosing the best mob for dog pee.

  • Stream output: for quick dry, this model required. So, you look for this model with adjustable heat resistance or stream output so that the mop can crank up the heat and tackle tough stains.
  • Nozzle width: Although the nozzle’s work is to spray the water while doing the cleaning, if the nozzle path is too narrow, water may not come easily. So, look for wide path nozzle at least 4-5″ nozzles to help you cover more strain.
  • Brush or RPM of the brush: most people won’t give importance to the brush, and they get the so-called ordinary brush. But as most stream mop has a rotating brush system and they can work full 360-degree angles to make your work easier, just choose a good brush with good RPM.
  • Reservoir capacity: if your tank capacity is too low, you will have to refill the tank again and again for frequent cleaning. Although a small tank is preferable for smaller spaces if you have big spaces, try to get the mop cleaner with a big capacity tank. It will reduce your cleaning time drastically.
  • Weight and easy maneuver: As steam mop needs to be move from room to room for a house, I say its always a better option to get the lightweight, easy maneuver, and portable mop cleaner. The user may feel a problem if it’s bulky or heavy in size. So, try to choose a 10-30 pounds steam mop cleaner.
  • Cord length: Its important that you want cordless or corded steam mop for cleaning your dog’s pee. If you choose cordlessly, then you have to use a battery, but if you like corded, consider at least 20 feet long cord to clean any room, stairs, or upholstery by fixing at one point.

How to Clean Floors Efficiently With a Steam Mop?

In-stream mop, the water gets heated from a tank inside the mop. The water will heat nearly 250 degrees F and creates a jet of steam. This stream passes into the pad by covering the head. While cleaning, the stems soak the pad and loosen the dirt’s and grime, liquids from the floor. The steam mop also kills germs and bacteria by absorbing dirt and provides a fresher sanitary one. On the other hand, if it has a bucket or tank system, it is extremely easy and convenient to clean the floors than traditional mops.

What’s The Best Steam Mop for Pet Urine and Stains?

Usually, the brand I have mentioned in this article achieved most customer’s positive feedback. Most of the products are very popular because of working functionality and performance. So, I would say BISSELL is the best brand steam mop for pet urine and stains.

How to remove old dog urine stains from tiles

Tiles are easy to clean than carpet. So, if your favorite dog urinates into the tiles floor, just use a mop or microfiber cloth to wipe it off. In this way, you can clean. To maintain extra hygienic, you can use the best mop solution for dog urine with a little effort and come out from these grout surface. You can also use natural scent or perfume to prevent the smell and spot from the floor.

Is cleaning dog urine with a mop clean enough?

Yes, of course. If you have tiles, laminate, or hardwood floors, you can frequently use a mop to clean dog urine. You can also prefer an ordinary mob instead of a stream mob for the hardwood floor. But if you have carpet floors, then without any mistake, try to use a wet-dry stream mob because your carpet needs to drying earlier. If possible, try to get a vacuum version as I suggested in the article so that you will get a 2-in-1 facility in one wet-dry vacuum stream mob machine.

Will dog pee ruin my laminate wood flooring?

Of course not. Dog pee will not ruin any laminate floor if you wipe it immediately with any solution and microfiber cloths. You can also use water then sprayer to clean the dog’s pee.


Whether you have a dog or planning to get one pet, its an excellent idea to buy the best mop for pets pee if you particularly want to avoid the constant cleaning. Here I have equipped you with Top 7 best mop for dog pee products available right now. They are lightweight, well-made, affordable, and quick to assemble. Some are steam mop, which has lots of features and efficiently can clean and sanitize any floors in a matter of some minutes. Finally, its time to say go ahead and pick the most suitable one with more versatile options. And don’t worry about the price as none of them are going to break the bank.


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