Best Way to Clean Weathertech Mats

The Best Way to Clean Weathertech Mats

Whether you have long snowy winter or hot summer and muddy spring a weathertech mats can be carried through a lot of dust, debris, dirt, and soil. All weathertech mats can be messy in all the seasons. So, its time to give your floor mat a new look by doing excellent cleaning that it deserves. But do you know the best way to clean weathertech mats with a simple, painless cleaning process? From my point of view, it is very simple if you can use a couple of right cleaning products.

Are WeatherTech mats worth it?

To answer this question, let me tell you why you should prefer weathertech mats rather than normal regular mats. These mats made from such a way that it can suit to any adverse weather conditions. Naturally, its made from rubber type materials and protects your floor from any types of specks of dirt and liquids. It’s also long-lasting and durable compare to the regular carpets or mats.

Additionally, the materials are also heavy and wear and tear-proof. So, you can keep your floor nice even after water spills or any worst type of dirt conditions because of its heavy-duty protection. So, from all of these aspects getting a weathertech mats certainly worth to buy.

How do you make your WeatherTech mats look new?

Now you have trust in your weatherproof mat, and you are ready to use it wherever it possible. However, make sure you should have to know a clean floor mat and significantly how to clean weathertech mats? Like other mat cleaning weathertech mats is also easy, but just simply you have to get the right product.

By keeping this in mind, I have made guidance so that your weathertech floor mat cleaner task does not get complicated. So, let’s know about some tools and products and how to use it to stain off the mats. Although I will take weathertech mat under consideration by following my instructions, you can also clean floor liners, 3D floor mats, AVMs etc.

1.Hose them down

The hose is one of the best floor mat cleaner tools. For using the hose, remove all the retention hooks from each and every hole in your mat. After that shake the floor mats roughly so that all the dirt get rid of the mat. After than use a water hose to spray the water to go the dirt away. By chance, if you don’t have those you can also use the tub as an alternate solution to floor mat cleaners.

2. Use an All-Purpose Cleaner (APC)

APC is made only for weathertech mat cleaner, and it cleans all the dirt a couple of seconds. Usually, this type of unusual weathertech cleaners is custom-engineered and contains biodegradable phosphate-free formula ingredients. So, you have to mix this formula with a bucket of water and some few drops of liquid detergent or dish shop. That’s all it’s ready for cleaning your full mats.

However, here one thing is mentioned that only mild soap or liquid detergent is preferable instead of heavy degreasers or any stronger liquid detergents because these can damage your floor due to chemical contamination and leads abrasive conditions.

3.Scrub it

After using APC, you have to use a brush for cleaning all the dirt permanently or until the mat gets clean. Because scrubbing with brush loosens the grim and easily the dirt get out. So, scrub all the ridges with corners a bit more to remove all stuck dirt in between. Consequently, continue the brushing until all the dirt and marks are gone.

Here something to say about brush quality. As scrubbing depends on the strong brush if you use cheap or bad quality weak bristles brush, you will get only the ” Lazy” result. So, to make the work easier and smarter by the well designed withstand instance formula brush that can take out all the wet and dried mat out from the mat. It’s available in all online shops, and finally, it’s your choice to clean the tiny dirt cracks and at last wash it with clean water.

4. Let them soak

Unfortunately, if your floor mat becomes extreme dirty; undoubtedly, it needs heavy cleaning. Although after scrubbing in a good way you can observe some unwanted dirt sticking in the tiny area and to remove that you have used a very strong soaking solution. But there are not so much soaking solution available in the market, and you can use only rubber or vinyl safe solution for soaking purpose.

Therefore, if it truly becomes necessary to submerge the floor mat in any good cleaning solution, you can use vinyl. Because it can dissolve the stubborn mud and dirt and also gives a gentle clean. But one question may arise here. Can you pressure wash WeatherTech mats? I suggest absolutely not. You can just soak it by using a bathtub or a large jug and rinse it off. Don’t try to harm the material at any cost. If you use the bathtub for soaking, you will get enough space to soak it fully under the water solution without wasting time. Even a big jar also works handy for deep cleaning in a short period of time.

5.Deep condition/ use glossy protectant:

After finish soaking its time to give your clean-weathertech-floor-mats more than just cleaning and what is that. You can do it in several ways such as by doing deep conditioning or using a glossy protectant into the mat.  If you do deep condition, your floormats will remain clean and sparkle all the time. You can use Eastwood solid rubber and vinyl solution to make your mat “rejuvenates and restores”. This formula performs deep conditioning by restoring the elasticity and makes the floor mat looking new.

On the other side if you want to give a little TLC and glossy protectant you can use grab Meguiar’s Natural Shine Protectant and Advance Auto Parts glossy solutions. All these solutions will give extra shine effects and pristine and its all inexpensive and non-greasy materials.

6.Rinse away and dry up

Finally, rinse the mat from any weathertech cleaner like use hose for spreading clean water or refill the bathtub with clean water until all the dirt has been remove from the mat. Then dry it using a towel, or you can air-dry them if supports and reinstall the mat again the place.

Are WeatherTech mats lifetime warranty?

From one sense of course not. If you misuse, install incorrectly, abuse, and overall use and clean incorrectly, it will not work for a long time. Therefore, if you have a warranty, also your mat will damage earlier. So, to make it long-lasting learn to use and do the cleaning properly. By doing in such a way, you may not meet the lifetime warranty, but your mat will remain newer years after years for sure.

At last, don’t forget to reattach all the retention hooks when you do weathertech mats cleaning so that the mat will not slip again. In this way, you can 100% clean the weathertech mats without ruining them.

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