How to Organize a Room with Too Much Stuff

How to Organize a Room with Too Much Stuff

We all know to organize a few things in a room is obviously an easy task that everyone can do. But how to organize a room with too much stuff? It’s entirely a problem, especially if you already have a house full of stuff, and you cannot throw or replace it away. Thus, how to deal with this sort of clutter things and organize the room looks spectacular?

On top of this, most people have a little bit of clutter in their homes, which makes them really embarrassing in front of any guest or old people. It mainly happens for unmanageable feelings and frustration.

The other types of clutter happen because of storing the old stuff that they don’t use. Because they feel that someday they may need the things and hesitate to throw that out, so they leave that unusual thing to the whole sections of the room and cannot navigate their space easily. Thus, they don’t find any suitable place to keep intended purpose things and cannot when they need the most.

So, arranging works become totally horrific when you create this situation. Therefore as an interior home décor designer, I am here to solve this hazardous problem. If you follow my suggestions once in a while, I expect you can easily make the cleaning work easy and decluttered properly.

How to Organize a Room with Too Much Stuff

These are some general guidelines that you can apply to room-by-room. It provides simple solutions and assists you to get started right away and keep going with self-confidence.

Display nostalgic items:

Do you have any affectionate or sentimental things in your home that are occupying some precious space? Just think about to use it in another way like hanging or putting in a small place and use them in your daily life. As an example, instead of buying new photos or arts for your wall, you can use this old print and nicely frame it in your closet.

Choose your most favorite belongings:

Although it’s a bit tough, let’s say you have a strong affinity on pillows, and you have nearly 20 pillows at your home. From there, you may hardly use 5-6 pillows and the rest you kept in the storeroom.  Instead of keeping them in-store, you can use them with nice seasonal covers. Suppose for Christmas. You can cover your pillow with small covers and make your room bright with the different cover colors. It’s just an example of your favorites. You may have a lamp, light, bed cover, and you can also use them as these are also the key to nice decoration.

Show off your own style:

It’s very important, and if you are confident about your style, you can eliminate most of the items that are no longer use. You can also organize your room according to your style categories, and it makes your work easier. You can use the things you love and buy different home décor items. It’s also refreshing to see when you put your favorite things together in a palace and get a glimpse of how nice perfect and pretty it is!

Make a warning sign of yourself:

It’s normal that if you get lots of stuff to arrange individually, it takes a lot of effort and creates an irritating feeling. When you completely feel like you are the way of too much stuff in the house and feel suffocation, its time to measure your tolerance level. As this happened from too much accumulating stuff, you must know your tolerance limit and what is your peak point actually. Just consider that and start moving your stuff immediately. You can also take it as a prior cleaning warning, and in this way, you can start to handle your room.

Clean often:

This is the perfect and amazing trick to handle lots of stuff. Suppose if you don’t have time to declutter often or if you are not ready to do declutter, always just keep it as it is. Instead, from there, just remove the dust, dirt, and debris. You cannot believe it, but this will work even better than declutter things. Because its cleanness will give a nice visual appearance to your room, and automatically it will look better. In addition, you can clean all the collections books and vacuum or dusted the storage area regularly.


Thus, this is all about How to organize a room with too much stuff. I hope you will enjoy my suggestions and try to follow and apply while organizing in your own room, if possible. Just remember tidiness is the key to home maintenance. So, try to maintain decluttering things as much as possible, and if you do in this way, once you will be highly motivated by seeing your own organized home!

Best of luck!

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